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On this website I would like to take you with me on my cycling adventures around the world. I tell my stories in text and images and here you will find tips on materials, routes and preparation. You will also find information about the different types of lectures I give.

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WIFI? Here?

Well, there was Wi-Fi but not internet connection 😅.
I chose not to buy a local simcard with data. I don`t want to be online whilst camping out in nature or on the bike. We find Wi-Fi in the bigger towns and that`s more then enough! It`s such a distraction from the `here and now`.

I still remember my first trip in Asia with only internet in special internet cafes. It makes me kinda sad realising that time is never coming back. I`d have to try to recreate it myself.. which is quite challenging in these modern times.

Okay.. time to go offline and read a book!!! Bye bye

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