Who is Hera van Willick

I wasn't born on a bicycle, but it was pretty close. I was born to a mother for whom cycling was her form of transport as well as her hobby and outlet. As a child, I often rode my bike with reluctance. In any case, it was not my hobby. According to my mother, I sat at the back of her bicycle until I was so big that my knees dragged on the ground.

This changed when I discovered cycling holidays! Inspired by my parents' photos and stories, I got the itch to go on my first (solo) cycling holiday at the age of 19. Every summer, the trip got a bit longer. Until I started cycling outside the European borders and it became my life instead of a hobby.

Over the years, my love for touring bikes has expanded to mountain biking, bikepacking and cycling in general.

Through my lectures, website and social media, I hope to inspire others, motivate them or simply take them with me on my bike rack to see the world through my eyes.

Besides cycling, I am currently taking a Master's degree in Practical Philosophy at Radboud University and have in the past taken various singing and theatre courses.

October 8, 1985 in Tilburg
Favorite music:
Theatremusic and folkrock
Biggest fear while travelling:
Sexual violence
Favorite book:
Hasse Simonsdochter
Favorite food:
Indian food, pizza, chocolate
Meat or vegi:
Favorite travel items:
Downjacket and stove
Most days without washing:
Favorite country:

Let me start with 'awake'. The awakening I am talking about here comes from Buddhism. For the Buddha, 'awakening' meant letting go of the ingrained habitual pattern of looking at ourselves as an 'I' and the 'me' that is separate from 'the other'. Awakening is the experience of the non-dual. The realisation that all there is is the wave of one and the same sea. When everything is one, nothing ever comes and nothing ever goes. Everything changes, every moment.

Through the journeys I have made, this feeling and conviction has arisen in me and it is a way in which I like to look at the world and at life.

Not all day from a meditation cushion in serene surroundings... But in the wild! Away from the environment of asphalt, plastic glass and metal. In the nature where I feel so much a part of. That is where I am at home.


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