A visit to the valley of the Incas

To get to Machu Picchu we first have to go to Ollantaytambo, an old Inca city at the other end of the valley. But when we are on our bikes Paul gets a bad stomach ache again. We thought he was cured after a course of antibiotics and some kind of parasite-killing pill, but nothing could be further from the truth. Halfway to ‘Tambo’ we stop in the city of Urubamba. If we want to have Paul’s stool tested somewhere we have to do it here… here are the laboratories. Apparently you can just walk in there and ask for a test. Paul is sent to the toilet with an empty container and comes back a little later with a gray face… with a full container. We decide to stay in the city that night so that we can pick up the results live a few hours later. While I am sitting on the sidewalk guarding the bikes Paul walks out with his arms full of pill boxes and a large bottle of pink liquid. It turns out: he has the Giardia parasite. A persistent parasite that makes itself heard from time to time but can also easily go underground for a week (and you think you are ‘better’). Now we have the right weapons to fight the parasite! EN GARDE!
Price tag: €7.50 for the examination + €12.50 for the medication. It’s a bargain!

At first it is really a traffic jam. Standing still is not possible, but fortunately the best is yet to come. We soon arrive at the famous viewpoint. The place to take the iconic Machu Picchu, or better said ‘I WAS AT Machu Picchu!’ photo. We neatly join a row to also take that beautiful photo. The injected lips and deep cleavage are thrown into the battle for the sexiest Machu Picchu photo. We giggle a bit in Dutch and thank the friendly Japanese man who takes a series of photos of us.

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