Last april 6th, exactly 1 year after I rode my bicycle intro Germany at the start of my Europe-Asia trip, I received an email from Mustard, a Czech digital content agency.
Škoda (car brand and sponsor of many bicycle events) would like to make a promo with me for their website welovecycling.com as a part of their Tour de France campaign…
If i was interested?

At first I thought it was spam. After reading it again I thought it would be to good to be true.
But in return of my cautious enthusiastic reply I got a confirming email and it all started to look like a plan.
Several days later I knew that on may 24th and 25th a 7 man filmcrew from Czech republic would flown to Holland to do a 2 day shooting with me.

On the morning of may 24th they were at my doorstep.
With 6 guys from Czech and 1 from Poland I had two very great days of shooting.

Shooting in national park 'Loonse en Drunense duinen'
Shooting in national park ‘Loonse en Drunense duinen’

Their goal: to introduce all the different types of cycling there are, ‘the Velo Family’, during Tour de France. They made a promo video for 3 of them.
I represent ‘the Globetrotter’

Me with a beard...
Me with a beard…


I’m very happy to present you the result:
HERA VAN WILLICK: Taking the World by Bike


Skoda turned out to be very enthusiastic about me as a bike traveller and they offered me to write a blog for welovecycling!
So now I’m writing my blog for their website (in english) every two weeks. My first job ‘on the road’, exactly what I hoped to do sometime.
The second blogpost came online yesterday and you can find it here.

It’s bedtime in Alaska.
I’m gonna crawl into my tent with a bug smile from ear to ear!
Happy, thankful and even a little proud.

Goodnight, Hera (the Globetrotter)



5 thoughts on “*NEWS* WE LOVE CYCLING PROMO!”

  1. Martijn Bok

    Jammer dat ze niets van de uitzicht – opnames vanaf onze flat hebben gebruikt.
    Verder: mooi filmpje!

  2. Bug smile made me smile ? imagine a very happy mosquito!
    Love the video Hera! X

  3. Mooie uitstraling , ik hoop wel dat je medewerking aan reclame (voor Skoda) goed betaald wordt !

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