The world premiere of PEDAL was in Canada , October 2017, the Dutch premiere was last night in Heerlen.
So now it’s time to put PEDAL online so everybody can watch it!

The succes of this short film, that originated from a encounter between filmmaker Scott Hardesty and me at the Banff Festival 2016, has transcended all our expectations. It got selected for the BMFF World Tour, requested by many adventure film festivals (and, believe it or not, the Londen Feminist Film Festival) and got accepted by all the festival we submitted it too.
For both Scott and me that’s more then we’d dared to hope for.

Our goal was to capture the story about why I ride my bicycle around the world and what it means to me to do so in 8 minutes of film.

With great joy, gratitude and satisfaction I present you: PEDAL

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