My ALASKA Alaska in video

This whole trip started with wanting to see and experience Alaska.
Strongly inspired by ‘Into the Wild’, where Chris McCandless refers to the wilderness, the ‘real’ Alaska, as ‘Alaska Alaska’.

I came, saw and experienced!
I went without a real plan and ended up spending over 2 months there.
I decided to try and capture my experience of Alaska in a video, to share it with you.
(the video won’t show in the email, you can find it on my website or here)

My route

The pink line shows my route
The pink line shows my route


My Alaska Alaska in 22 minutes


And to top it off, a poem by Robert W. Service that I learned about in Anchorage, fell in love with and for me is
(some background info on the main character, mountaineer George Mallory)


Why seek to scale Mount Everest,
Queen of the air?
Why strive to crown that cruel crest:
And deathward dare?
Said Mallory of dauntless quest:
“Because it’s there”

Why yearn with passion and with pain
To storm the sky?
Why suffer, -sullen goals to gain,
And fear defy?
“Tis not for glory or for gain
We darkly die” 

Why join the reckless, roving crew
Of trail and tent?
Why grimly take the roads of rue,
To doom hell-bent?
“Columbus, Cook and Cabot knew,
And yet they went” 

Why bid the wholly world goodbye
To follow far,
Adventures under evil sky
And sullen star?
Let men like Mallory reply:
” Because they are.”

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your video! I have shared it quite a few times with friends and family. We just took a roadtrip – flew to Denver from Anchorage and drove to Seattle and back to Denver by another route. Visiting along the way and sharing your video of Alaska. It made it easy and enjoyable to share our trip up the Dalton Highway with them in an incredibly beautiful manner. Though our adventure is far from yours – the scenery was enjoyed by us all. Alaska is SO BRILLIANTLY beautiful! Thank you for putting together such an entertaining and heart felt recounting of your experiences of Alaska! Keep on pedaling!

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