‘But how do you finance your trip?’
Of course, I worked in the Netherlands, lived frugally and saved.
But everything comes to an end … also my budget.
Below are two creations of mine for whoever likes to get a taste of biketravel or just likes to sponsor my trip.


A set of eight postcards with photos from my bicycle trip through Europe and Asia.
Each card has an inspirational quote on it. On the back, stating the source of the quote and the location where the photo was taken.

price: $15,- incl. shipping fee











There is email, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, sms, instagram, snap chat and so on ..
But do you remember how much fun it is to get a hand written letter?
Especially when the paper is purchased in a distant country written in a tent or just outside, with a foreign stamp, and perhaps takes a week or more to reach your mailbox.

Because I cherrisch the romance of the handwritten letter I write ‘letters from abroad’.
You can order a letter to yourself or make it a gift to someone!




$18 for a letter of (at least) two A4 sides full of stories and reflections.
$23 for a letter in which I discuss a specific question or a part of traveling where you want to read about.




For orders please send me a message incl. your address.
Payment details follow by mail.

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