Waking up in the wild

In this lecture, I tell about my bicycle journeys from the Netherlands to Asia and back, and through North and Central America. From the first sparkles of inspiration in my youth, to camping in the endless wilds of Alaska and the inhospitable Tajikistan. In this time I cycled through more than 40 countries and got to know the people, the culture and of course the nature up close. But I also got to know myself better. During this lecture, I will take you with me from the very beginning to the aftermath.
Many people go home after this lecture with a tickling sense of adventure and new possibilities!


Waking up in the wild is a personal story of a young woman that takes place between sea level and 5000 metres above it, on the passes of central Asia.
Through it all shines the unshakeable desire for freedom, challenge, simplicity and beauty.

To pack or not to pack

Bikepacking has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. Even during the corona crisis, mountain and gravel bikes flew over the (virtual) counter. And through my social media channels, I get a lot of questions about equipment, routes, planning etc.

In this lecture, I will talk about the how and why of bikepacking and in particular about the transition from bike touring to bikepacking. What is important to know about the difference between these styles?
But also: How to choose or plan a route? How do you navigate? What do you take with you and where do you leave it? What are the do's and don'ts of bikepacking?
I will tell you all about it in this lecture and of course I will answer all your questions about this topic.


To pack or not to pack is informative, interactive and inspiring for every cyclist with a love of big or small adventures in nature.

Off road Andalusia

In the autumn of 2019, I spent over two months cycling through the south of Spain and a bit of Portugal. For a large part I followed the Altravesur route. Despite the fact that this route ran almost entirely through nature, it was definitely not a 'ride in the park'. Winter came early and the cold and the heaviness of the route took a heavy toll on both body and mind. Nevertheless, this became a ride to remember. The beauty and the calm pace of Andalusia made me forget the pain and return to peace in my mind.


In Off road Andalusia, I take the listener with me on a spirited journey. After this lecture, you will have a good idea of what bikepacking entails or at least can entail. Of course, there is plenty of room for questions!

In addition to the above lectures, I also offer customised lectures or workshops.
For requesting a lecture, more information or consultation, please
contact me at heravanwillick@gmail.com

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