Ever since childhood I’ve looked at the world with amazement. How people live, what motivates them, what moves them and how they act.
I wanted to learn how to do it, Live.
I tried to let the stream carry me along, but again and again I grabbed me a save on the shore to see the whole picture and determine my own steps.

As a teenager I discovered bike touring. It gave me the freedom, a challenge and a way to see the world and learn from other cultures and the travelling itself. What started as a ten-day-ride through Germany evolved to a life on the bike, around the world.
Travelling through countries where I don’t speak te language, nature amazes me and where I am thrown back to my own intuition and the goodness of the world, that is my way.

So now I do what some people call ‘Living the Dream’. But no matter how wonderful your life is, you’ll always be facing challenges. Dreams are for dreaming, life it to be lived.

Through the years I learned that not only I got inspired along the way, but that the stories of my travels also inspired others.

Meanwhile I’ve given lectures and speeches in the most varying places; from bicycle shops to big company events and from Rotaries to schools.

My lectures are about more than cycling alone, but my bike touring experiencing form the thread.

It’s about letting go of doubts and dealing with fear.
Making your own trail and taking responsibility for everything that comes with that.
To keep going then you actually want to give up. And to embrace your freedom.

The content and duration of a lecture can be edited or written specifically for the type of audience or event. For bookings and more information you can contact me through the form below or email me at heravanwillick@gmail.com.